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Guided Fishing Trips in El Salvador

El Salvador is not a known fishing destination like some of its neighbors but still offers some quality fishing. Since it only borders the Pacific Coast, you don't get the carribean fishing like you do in places such as Belize or Mexico. Most of the fishing charters, therefore, focus on deepsea fishing for marlin or tuna. There are also some great areas to fish nearshore in some of the bays and coastal waters. Fishing charters in El Salvador will also help you find Mahi-Mahi, Snook, and Jacks.

The few local operations in El Salvador typicall employ knowledgeable local guides who can take you to the right locations in the sea. Most speak english and are nice, entertaining people. Be sure to read other people's reviews of the fishing charters before you go to make sure you are going with a good guide. Good luck and reel em in!


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