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Top 10 US Fly Fishing Locations

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Took a little poll the other day to understand where the best places to go fly fishing are in the United States.  Some on the list were expected but there were a few surprises.  Check out the top 10 fly fishing vacation destinations below:

1.  Snake River – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

2.  Yellowstone River – Big Sky, Montana

3.  Deschutes River – Near Bend, Oregon

4.  Kenai River -  Anchorage, Alaska

5.  Florida Keys – Florida

6.  Roaring Fork River – Aspen, Colorado

7.  Lee’s Ferry – Marble Canyon, Arizona

8.  Smoky Mountains – Smoky Mountains, North Carolina

9.  Green River – Heber or Park City, Utah

10.  Au Sable River – Grayling or Mio, Michigan

Ok, so this list could be debated to we are blue in the face. They are many places like Crested Butte and and rivers near Sacramento that are great for fly fishing.  Lets face it, coming up with the 10 fly fishing vacation spots is tough.